Canadian Dairy Farmers Dump Thousands of 

Litres of Milk Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Global News - Canadian Dairy Farmers Dumping Milk

Dairy farmers in provinces across Canada are being told by dairy councils to dispose of milk as demand decreases amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. This is because they don't want to over-supply the market which would cause the price of milk to go down.

Sign this letter below to let your elected officials know that you are opposed to the bailouts and subsidizing of the dairy industry and the dumping of milk. 

The dairy industry is the source of much animal suffering. To maximize profits, calves are separated from their mothers at birth. Mothers and babies can be heard crying for days. Male calves are sold as veal while the females become part of the cycle of impregnation and milk production. Your signature can help end this suffering and waste. 

Petition Recipient: Prime Minister of Canada, Canadian Dairy Commission, Canadian Minister of Agriculture, Provincial Agriculture Ministers, Federal Party Leaders, Federal Agriculture Critic

CBC News - Saskatchewan Dairy Farmers Dump Milk

CTV News - Why Dairy Producers Are Dumping Milk

Vancouver Sun - BC Farmers Dumping Milk 

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The Star - Ontario Dairy Farmers Dumping Milk

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