Protein From Animal Sources is Not Essential

Insist that the government and media outlets inform, educate people and openly talk about plant-based food and its many benefits.

Slaughter plants continue to be the centre of major outbreaks of the novel COVID-19 virus which is sickening workers and communities at an astounding pace. 

Slaughter and meat-packing plants are places of horrific violence towards animals and exploitation of workers. Due to the virus, workers are now coerced into working in even more dangerous and stressful conditions than usual.

These facilities are kept open with claims that meat is essential to human survival. Instead of inciting panic buying and fears of food shortages, governments and media have an obligation to educate and inform citizens of alternative and abundant plant-based foods which the 2019 Canada Food Guide recommends.

Petition Recipient: Prime Minister of Canada, Federal Minister of Agriculture and AgriFood , Federal Minister of Health , Federal Minister of Finance , CBC News, CTV News, Global News, Federal Agriculture Critic

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2017 Voice for Animals Society