Canadian Dairy Farmers Dump Thousands of 

Litres of Milk Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

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Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau (Liberal)
Minister of Agriculture, Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau (Liberal)
Canadian Dairy Commission CEO, Serge Riendeau
Agriculture Critic, John Barlow (Conservative)
NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh 
Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer

Green Party Leader, Jo-Ann Roberts
Bloc Quebecois Leader, Yves-Francois Blanchet

Provincial Agriculture Ministers: Lana Popham (BC),  Devin Dreeshen (Alberta), David Marit (Sask), Blaine Pederson (Man), Ernie Hardeman (Ont), Andre Lamontagne (Que), Keith Colwell (NS), Gerry Byrne (NF), Rosee Wetmore (NB), Bloyce Thompson (PEI) 


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