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Who We Are​


Voice for Animals is a registered, non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of animals in a wide range of circumstances. Our focus is on local and province wide issues but our motto could be “think globally, act locally”. We believe that we must lend our voices to speak out for animals who are abused and exploited because, whether domesticated or wild, they have virtually no protection under human law. Ultimately, we  believe that the disregard for the suffering of other species hurts us all.


Our areas of concern are: 

  • Animals in entertainment

  • Factory farming

  • Veganism

  • Sport hunting and fishing

  • Animals in research and product testing 

  • Fur and leather

  • Companion animals

  • Wildlife


What We Do


  • Identifying local issues 

  • Research and documentation

  • Public education and raising awareness

  • Advocacy 

  • Initiating direct action when necessary


Voice for Animals is currently an all-volunteer organization and relies on the energy and time of dedicated volunteers. We have seen steady growth in activity and support over the last couple of years and hope to sustain this growth for the animals.


Why We Do It


Our Core Beliefs:

The extension of basic rights is a recognition of the independent value and the natural sanctity of the individual; it means not having to live with the fear of being harmed at the whim of, or for the benefit of others. In this regard, animals should be treated no differently than humans for they are like us in every important aspect. Animals, like us, are sentient, that is, they feel pain, fear, frustration and loneliness and they too seek pleasure and a sense of well-being. All living beings evolved as a part of the web of life; no species being higher or lower on an evolutionary scale than others. All sentient beings, therefore, have the same right to a life without exploitation. Because animals cannot speak for themselves we must speak for them as allies and fight for justice. 


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