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Wild Animals in Captivity


  ~by Rob Laidlaw, founder of Zoocheck Canada, a wildlife protection group

What happens when wild animals are forced to live in captivity, away from natural habitats? Why do wide-ranging animals in captivity fare poorly? What happens to surplus animals? What places treat captive animals compassionately? What can we all do to make a difference in the lives of animals? Wild Animals in Captivity examines what life is really like for animals in zoos—and what it can be for animals in sanctuaries. 

For more than thirty years, Rob Laidlaw has devoted his life to protecting animals. He is the founder of Zoocheck Canada Inc., a wildlife protection group based in Toronto, Ontario. He regularly raises awareness about animal issues, speaking to students and to adults about the plight of animals and what we can all do to make a difference in their lives.

Other books by Rob Laidlaw: 

  • 5 Elephants;

  • Cat Champions, Caring for Our Feline Friends;

  • On Parade, The Hidden World of Animals in Entertainment;

  • No Shelter Here: 

  • Making the World a Kinder Place for Dogs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



Unlikely Friendships  47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom          ~by Jennifer S. Holland

A predator cuddling its prey? A hippo forging a friendship with a tortoise? A baby elephant drawn out of his grief and comforted by a sheep? A huge gorilla gently and lovingly embracing a tiny kitten? Unlikely Friendships explores the amazing bonds forged between animals of different species, revealing that friendship truly knows no borders and that empathy, compassion and love are qualities shared by all animals—both human and nonhuman. 


 Specializing in science and natural history, Jennifer S. Holland is a contributing writer for the prestigious National Geographic magazine. Jennifer, a resident of Washington, D.C.,  is also the author of Unlikely Loves.



Jo Stepaniak —writer, educator and cooking instructor—specializes in veganism and nutrition. The recipes in her book

Vegan Vittles: down-home cooking for everyone were inspired by the people and the animals at Farm Sanctuary, a rescue, education and advocacy organization whose mission is “to protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and promote compassionate vegan living.” (


Other books by Jo: The Saucy Vegetarian: Quick & Healthful No-Cook Sauces & Dressings; The Vegan Sourcebook; Raising Vegetarian Children; The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook: Delicious Dairy-Free Cheeses and Classic "Uncheese" Dishes; Food Allergy Survival Guide: Surviving and Thriving With Food Allergies and Sensitivities;

Vegan Vittles: down-home cooking for everyone              ~ by Jo Stepaniak

In addition to providing creative, delicious and nutritious vegan recipes and vital information about veganism, Vegan Vittles reveals “Farm Animal Industry Myths” and offers suggestions for everyday advocacy to help create a more compassionate world of reverence and respect for all life. The author also includes the biographies of some of the Farm Sanctuary animals, plus a long, useful and clever list of alternative idiomatic expressions which do not convey disrespect for animals. For example, instead of “Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg.” use “Don’t fell the tree that yields the sweetest fruit.” Instead of “You can kill two birds with one stone.” use “You can cut two carrots with one knife.” 

Circles of Compassion: Essays Connecting Issues of Justice
~ edited by Will Tuttle, PhD



This insightful and inspirational book consists of a series of essays by internationally recognized authors and activists. Illuminating the connections between injustice to animals and the various forms of social and ecological injustice, these thirty authors provide essential keys to effectively addressing the hidden roots of our dilemmas. This landmark book provides a crucial impetus for us to break through our confining delusions, build bridges of understanding, and awaken from the cultural trance of indifference and inequity.

Will Tuttle, visionary author of The World Peace Diet, is a pianist, composer,educator and recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award. A former Zen monk, his PhD from UC Berkeley focused on educating intuition and altruism. He presents at events around the world, promoting peace through compassion for all life.


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