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Compassionate, Sustainable and Healthy Diet


Whatever you can eat, can be veganised!


Vegan Starter kit


Great food Websites: 
One Green Planet
Foodgawker Vegan
Vegan Richa

Flaming Vegan,


Is your alcohol vegan?  Find out:


Want to find a great vegan restaurant? Find one here:

Diners Guide
Happy Cow


Great Edmonton Restaurants:     


Clever Rabbit

An Chay

Die Pie

The Moth

Copper Branch

Cafe Mosaics,


Good Stock

The Buckingham (Vegan Bar and Vegan food)

Oriental Veggie House, V

Veggie Garden,

Loma House

Eating plant based is the most natural human instinct. Every nutrient necessary to a healthy body is found in plants.  

But primarily, the slavery and extortion of another being should compel you to stop in your tracks to protect it.


Aside from all the information on the web, evidence to all this is your own experience eating vegan. 


You have nothing to lose, try it for 30 days, even 20 days – see what happens… free-vegan-starter-kit

Vegan challenge



These Flipboard Magazines contain great vegan information

Vegan Food by V.G.

Kale Smoothie Recipes by Penrooter




If you love to bake, here are some egg substitutions:


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