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2021 Edmonton Municipal Election

Municipal politics is so important because it affects our communities and daily lives most directly. It is also the level of government that is most accessible to the general public. The mayor and councillors do not belong to a party but vote on issues according to their own values. For that reason, Voice for Animals wants to see a mayor and councillors who are sympathetic and care about animal rights and welfare issues. To get an idea of where the various candidates stand, we sent out the following questionnaire:

  1. Do you think wildlife belongs in the city? How do you think the City of Edmonton should deal with urban wildlife?

  2. Are you familiar with the “Trap, Neuter, Return” model of dealing with feral cat overpopulation? If so, do you think the City of Edmonton has a social responsibility to deal with this problem as well as the large number of stray and abandoned cats?

  3. Where do you stand on the use of animals in entertainment (e.g., circus, rodeo, marine mammal shows etc.)?

  4. Some far-ranging animals such as elephants and polar bears do poorly in zoos. Do you agree with banning these animals from being kept in zoos?

  5. Are you willing to stand up for the protection of our beautiful river valley, its flora and fauna, by preventing any more development or sale of river valley land?

Click here to see the answers we have received so far.

Tethering of dogs - this is an example of cruelty to animals that City Council can ban by enacting or modifying a bylaw.

Although we have only received replies from some candidates,  we will post candidate's replies as we receive them. You can also use the above questions as a guide if a candidate comes to your door asking for your vote. Click here to see a complete list of candidates and full contact information if you have any question you would like to ask them.

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