Voice for Animals does not typically rescue animals full time, however if contacted we will assist with the trapping of a stray animal and either work with a partner rescue organization to place them, or use our mailing list to find an appropriate foster.  All strays must be checked for a microchip or tattoo by a veterinarian prior to being placed in foster care.  


V4A will follow through with adoption application approvals, and setting up meet and greets and finalizations.  


If you have found a stray cat or dog, you can contact us, however we request that you please contact Animal Services as well, or take the animal to a local vet clinic, to be checked for any tattoos/chips and/or owners who might be missing and looking for them.  

Current Adoptions

The West Side Family

In January, Voice for Animals got a call from a concerned citizen who had a cat and possibly kittens living underneath her deck. Soon it was confirmed that there was indeed a mother and three babies living outside, trying to survive the Edmonton winter.  The homeowner had been feeding the cats and was likely the reason they had survived through a couple of brutal cold snaps. Voice for Animals volunteers devised a plan to try and trap the cats, determine whether they were feral or not,  get them a medical assessment and spays and neuters. The first two attempts at trapping the cats were not successful.  But, on one of the days, a large male cat was also spotted who looked like he had been living rough for some time. He was long haired, black and white and it was very likely that he could be the little ones’ Dad.

The third time was a charm, as they say, and within a few hours, all five cats were caught and booked into the vet. They have all been in foster care to heal from their spay and neuter surgeries, put on some weight, determine how feral they are and to get them accustomed to being handled by humans. All are free of disease, have had their first set of vaccinations (Feline Leukemia and FRCP), and have been microchipped.

Boss (dad)

Lovingly cares for the kittens

This is Boss, the big male who was spotted patrolling the area. He was given this name because of how confidently and calmly he sauntered along as he surveyed his turf. He has been the biggest surprise of all the cats in regards to his demeanor. Despite his matted, dirty fur and many battle scars, he is definitely not feral; he is a lovely, calm, big and majestic male cat. He receives pets and ear scratches willingly and patiently allows brushing and cutting out of clumps of matted fur and even allows his nails to be trimmed. Boss has a very mellow personality and may be about 4 years old. He is very gentle and sweet with the Mama cat, her kittens and his foster Mom.

Gina (mom)

Protected her babies from the freezing cold

This is Gina also known as Mama Cat. She did an amazing job of keeping her kittens safe and alive outside in subzero temperatures. She is a tortoiseshell, small in stature and although not completely feral, is still quite afraid of people. She has calmed down a little since coming into foster care and will tolerate being petted while she is eating or in her kennel, but is fearful. If she were to be adopted into a quiet house (possibly with no dogs or children) she may come around to accepting human touch. She is also very gentle and sweet with Boss so if someone is willing to take her and Boss on together, she may take her cues from him and come around sooner. The two of them are attached to one another and enjoy interacting and sleeping together. Although she sometimes hisses at her foster Mom, she has never bitten or scratched her. Her age is also a guess at about 2 years old. If you have patience and would like to give her a chance to live a long and comfortable indoor life, Gina may be a challenging but rewarding adoption.

This is Violet. She is one of three kittens born outdoors sometime in late November/early December of 2017.  She is the smallest of the three kittens and follows her sister’s leads…she is also a ‘Mama’s girl’. She will watch for a while before joining in a new game or playing with a new toy. She, like her sisters, is still not used to being touched and picked up by humans but is coming around; she now readily relaxes when picked up. She still hisses at the approach of her foster Mom but is learning that people are not a danger. She is a longhaired kitten with fine, soft fur which will require regular brushing.

The Babies

This is sweet little Penny.  She is a shorthaired calico, white, gray and light orange and has a determined and curious personality. She loves to play and like her sisters, is still learning to be touched and picked up; she will still hiss when approached but relaxes very soon after being picked up. It may take a little patience to gain her trust so allow her to bond at her own pace.

This is Brigette, the most outgoing and independent of the three sisters. She is comfortable being picked up and cuddled and, of course, she loves to play. She is the first one to check out a new toy or engage in play with her foster Mom. She will still take some time to get fully comfortable around people but is well on her way. She is a tuxedo (black and white) longhaired cat with fine, soft fur who will also require frequent brushing.

If you are interested in adopting one of these beautiful rescue kitties please contact us a or call 780-490-0905

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