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If contacted, Voice for Animals will assist with the trapping and rescue of a stray animal, and either work with a partner rescue organization to place them, or use our mailing list to find an appropriate foster.  All strays must be checked for a microchip or tattoo by a veterinarian prior to being placed in foster care.  


V4A will follow through with adoption application approvals, and setting up meet and greets and finalizations.  


If you have found a stray cat or dog, you can contact us, however we request that you please contact Animal Services as well, or take the animal to a local vet clinic, to be checked for any tattoos/chips and/or owners who might be missing and looking for them.  

ALL cats adopted through V4A must be kept as indoor cats and if for some reason you cannot keep them once you have adopted them, they must be returned to our care. That said, we do hope that they find a forever home with you!

Current Adoptions

Here you will find photos and a short biography and back story of the animals in our foster care who are waiting to find their forever homes.


Dalia Oct 2019

Voice for animals received a call regarding a cat who had given birth in an outbuilding on someone's property and the caller estimated that the kittens were about 2 weeks old. Dalia was very small and likely very young herself when she had her babies. She was a wonderful Mom to her four  kittens and shortly after coming to the Voice for Animal's foster home, she took on two foster kittens who's Mom had died and they were still needing to nurse. Duncan, Grayson and Katie are her maternal children and Morty and Millie are her adopted kids. The guess is that she was about 10 months old when she got pregnant and she is just now learning to enjoy being young and playing. She is still a good Mama though and reminds her foster Mom when it's mealtime and then watches her kids eat their fill before she goes and eats herself. She is talkative and loves to be held and given loving attention. She gets along with other cats, has been living with dogs and has a relaxed  character.  Dalia is spayed, microchpped and has had her first set of vaccinations



Grayson was born on June 19, 2019 and is a precocious and curious boy. He was the first to climb over the baby gate and begin to expand his world.  He loves to play  and explore and his favorite toy so far is the laser pointer.  He loves to cuddle and sleep with his human at night and doesn't mind belly raspberries and having his nails trimmed. Grayson is a very chill guy who has been living with other cats and two dogs and gets along well with other animals. Grayson and his family have all had some exposure to small children and although they don't like loud, rambunctious way of children, they would get used to children with quiet patience. He is neutered, microchipped and has had his first set of vaccinations. 



Duncan is the biggest boy amongst his brothers and sisters and like his brother Grayson, is pretty laid back. He is a sleek black panther with a lot of kitten playfulness. As I write this, he and Grayson are thundering up and down the stairs in a big game of 'chase'. If someone were wanting to adopt two cats together, these two would be a great pair and would both be great company. Dunc is another crazy fan of the laser pointer toy.  Duncan is a little less cuddly but still very personable. He is also neutered, microchipped and has had his first set of vaccinations.



You know that family that has the little baby sister who is so irresistibly cute and can do no wrong? Everyone dotes on her and defers to her? That's Millie. She was adopted by Dahlia with her brother Morty when she was about two weeks old becsue her real Mum was tragically killed. Dahlia took them in without a moments hesitation and has raised them as her own. Millie and her brother are both medium hair 'tuxedos' and more that one person has remarked that Millie looks like a holstein cow,  Millie was born on July 9, 2019 and will remain a petite and delicate kittie. She marchers to her own little drummer...when everyone else is eating, she's playing away on her own and when everyone else is playing, she might be curled up on the furnace vent. She does LOVE to play with her brother and regularly  gives him a rough and tumble play fight. 



Morty, also know as Mortimer when he's in trouble and 'Mr. Curious' when he has to explore every open closet and drawer is also a medium long haired kittie like his sister although he is going to be bigger as an adult. He too loves the laser pointer, racing around the house with his older brothers and begging for  cereal. He's always super curious to see what his foster Mom is eating andlikes having the opportunity to see if he likes it.  He's learning how to do 'high five' and is very happy to get belly rubs, belly kisses and neck tickles. He will often be the one grooming Millie if they are curled up together. These two would be another pair in this little family that would be great to be adopted together. Morty and Millie will be due for their spay and neuter, microchips and shots in the next month or two and V4A will assist the  logistics of getting that all done.


Katie 1.jpg

Katie is petite like her Mom and also likes to talk, same as her Mama in loud 'miaows' or little 'chirrups'. She likes to ambush her brothers and loves to snuggle with her Mom. She likes to sleep with her foster Mom and otherwise is an independent little girl. A couple of her favorite things are watching the birds at the feeder through the windo and sleeping near the furnace vent.  She doesn't like her nails being trimmed but it is something all cats here have to get used to. All members of this family are really good about using their climbing tree or their cardboard scratching trays for exercising their nails and very rarely scratch furniture or the carpets. Katie is also spayed, microchipped and has had her first set of vaccinations.

Tonne & Spook


Meet Tonne and Spook. This sweet brother and sister are looking for new forever homes or a foster. These kitties were part of a litter found abandoned on the steps of a church in Fort St. John. Sadly for their guardian, some changing life circumstances and a landlord who will not allow cats, they need a new home, preferably together.

Approx. birthdate - Aug 2017


Tonne - Orange Male Tabby
loves naps in the window, eating first and terrorizing his sister.

Spook - Grey Female
loves naps at your feet or behind your legs, allowing her brother to eat first, cuddles, and sneak attacking her brother.

Both have been tattooed, spayed/neutered and are indoor cats with very chill and relaxed personalities. They can be inquisitive obviously and are both very affectionate with Spook being a little more so than Tonne. Both are very patient with kids, and good around other cats and dogs. Both love chasing their squeaking toys and the occasional laser pointer race.



Bridgette is kitty #1 who would only be adopted as part of a 'package deal' with her sisters. Her story and that of her sisters started during a cold snap in January of 2018. Voice for Animals received a call about a young and skinny mother cat trying to care for her babies in the bitter cold and they were living under a very low deck. The home owner would see them playing on her deck in the sunshine but they would bolt for cover if they saw her through the patio doors. After a few attempts at trapping them all, we were finally successful on the third try. In these cases, the Mom and all the kittens have to be caught one can be left behind and that can sometimes prove tricky. By the time they were caught, they were thought to be about 8 to 10 weeks old and had already learned from Mama to be very cautious of humans. All three girls were thought to be feral but since adjusting to indoor life, they are considered cautious of people. 'Bridg'  and her two sisters have been living with a foster since then and have all been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. Bridgette is still shy but loves her long fur being brushed and being petted and has no problem with having her nails trimmed.  She is playful and will enjoy being held if she is calm and gets to know the person wanting to give her snuggles.


Penny June 21 2018.JPG

Penny is kitty #2 in our trio needing a home together. Penny has not gotten used to being handled but has adjusted 100% to living indoors. She and her sisters are very quiet and mostly just chill in their beds and favorite places around the house. Penny will allow herself to be petted and get a neck and ear scratch while being fed but otherwise prefers to stay just out of reach. She does enjoy getting brushed with a soft brush and will tolerate getting her nails trimmed but catching her to do so can be a just takes a little patience.  These three kitties would be great for someone who does not necessarily mind if their cats are 'lap cats' but would just like to have the company and know that these girls can stay with their sisters.


Violet June 21 2018.JPG

Violet is kitty # 3 in the sister trio and is a beautiful long heaired tuxedo with very striking facial coloring. She is the most shy of all three girls and like Penny, will allow herself to be touched during mealtime but otherwise will also stay just out of reach. She and Penny have no problem lying in a bed right near their foster Mom or even sleeping on her bed as well but catching her to trim nails or get brushed also takes patience. 

 These are the type of cats who often fall through the cracks in rescue situations. They are considered a little too scared to be adopted by most people  who want the cuddly cats but too tame to be barn cats. These spoiled girls would be miserable and vulnerable outside. 

If you think you have a place in your home and heart for these sweet girls despite their 'standoffishness', please contact us! Cats are always better in multiples!

If you are interested in adopting one of these beautiful rescue kitties please contact us a or call 780-490-0905

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