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In Memorium Donations:

Roly's Story: Roly came to me as a puppy in the fall of 1999. He needed a home to call his own as the one he was at no longer wanted him because he wasn't house trained in three weeks.

Good thing for Roly and I.  

He was born in October and I met him at 6 weeks and he came to me at 9 weeks.  Roly was given the space to become Roly and he wasted no time.  Expressive, energetic, and indomitable; these qualities would serve him well in the challenges that he was to face in the years ahead.

Always moving in his own direction and being given the love that he needed, he knew his own mind and what he wanted and what he didn't...he seemed fearless.

Through many moves, time spent apart from me for 6 months, losing his soul brother at 10 years, developing diabetes, then cataracts, going blind, then being given the gift of sign again through generous kind people who bought tickets to a fundraiser raffle for a cataract operation...losing the sight again 6 months later through an attack by another dog, multiple eye infections and ulcers, then losing an eye; developing myacitus, an autoimmune condition that deteriorates the muscles, he kept going, kept rallying, never faltering in the knowledge that he was loved and that he was important. 

He was my soulmate, my teacher in unconditional love, and my greatest grief lesson when I finally let him go on January 16, 2015.  

His spirit never faltered, as a good friend said of Roly, "His presence was not diminished by his size".

Heather McDonald - Donation of $100 in Memory of Roly

Cleo: Born in the fall of 1999 and died on November 11, 2015. She was adopted on a frigid winter night late in January 2000 from GuZoo, the dilapidated, grossly inadequate roadside zoo near Three Hills, AB.  Just a puppy, and sitting all alone on a cold concrete slab, we quickly bundled her into the car hoping she was leaving all bad memories behind. She became the love of my life, gentle and trusting; we were very rarely far apart. I loved our walks as much as she did with lots of time to sniff and soak in puddles along the way.


I miss you so my sweet darling, the ache just will not go away. Cleo, you will live in my heart forever.


Tove and John Reece - Donation of $250 in Memory of Cleo

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