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Live Transport of horses for Slaughter
Dairy is Scary 

We are extremely sad and disappointed to have to face the fact that Lucy will have to live out her life at the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

In late December (2019) we learned that the Supreme Court of Canada would not hear our leave of appeal.  We were appealing the lower courts decision that we did not have public interest standing to seek judicial review for Lucy.

We had hoped for good news for Lucy's sake but also to set a precedent so that others could seek judicial review of government decisions that contravene animal welfare laws.


It now seems that Lucy's fate is sealed and she will remain a solitary elephant at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Since the release of Maggie from the Alaska Zoo to the Performing Animal Welfare Society Wildlife Sanctuary in 2007, Lucy has become the most northerly lone elephant in the world. Edmonton is not suitable to meet the needs of elephants. Lucy should have been moved to a sanctuary, in a more suitable climate, long ago where she could have thrived.

Edmonton International Airport continues to allow the shipment of live horse to Japan for slaughter despite the industry violating Canadian Food Inspection Associations laws and regulations. The horses are in transit for 36 (or more) hours without food, water or rest. We feel this is completely unacceptable and support the Canadian  Horse  Defense  Coalition's court action against the federal government.

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Our electronic "Dairy is Scary" ads were featured at the U of A and Bay LRT stations as well as on a number of outdoor billboards in October and November. The ads are linked to a 5 min. YouTube video exposing the horrors of the dairy industry.



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Catch the revealing "Voices Carry for Animals" radio interview with V4A Executive Director, Tove Reece, and board member, Karin Nelson, speaking about Lucy the Elephant in the Edmonton zoo and live horse transport from Edmonton International Airport. 

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